Improving businesses No magic.. just well grounded techniques and lots of practical experience © TSC 2010 About us We are experienced engineering, mangement, health & safety and quality consultants We offer ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 internal and pre-external audits Over the years we have successfully applied various techniques which have been proven to deliver improved business performance. We enjoy getting into the detail of the company and engaging with those that do the real work to make a difference. Our strength is derived from many years of in-the-job experience, hands-on and senior  management plus a range of complementary skills ranging from software, hardware and  mechanical engineering design expertise (meaning complex technical issues form no barrier) and a  very demanding customer orientated culture which ultimately drives the bottom line. Add to this  30years of working in various industrial sectors, encompassing food, pharmaceuticals  and machinery, within the UK, Europe and China, we form an unusual yet formidable team that  makes a valuable contribution.  Having a strong engineering background coupled to fantastic customer service, allows us to walk  the talk and earn respect. We work amongst the workforce and as we do our bit, we become trusted  normal people who do indeed appear to have a good approach to "tuning" the business with the  prize of better securing everyone's future. This is the critical ingredient to changing the business  culture and where our approach most differs. Put simply, we become accepted/respected as part of  the team, demonstrating no magic but good practice and the improvements stick as the underlying  culture changes also.... Historically, the hardest part is making the first contact. But let us send you  some examples so you too can appreciate the benefits from our “no magic” different approach.       tel: 01582 532443 email: